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Smart Sustainability Technologies

Sustainable and Healthy Hospitals

Healthcare facilities generate significant environmental health impacts both upstream and downstream from service delivery, through the natural resources and products they consume, as well as through the waste they generate.

Hospitals and health systems  have the potential not only to adapt to the scourges of climate change, but also, in the process, to promote sustainability, greater health equity and environmental health through investing in healthier buildings, purchasing green, and implementing sustainable operations. Hospitals and health systems can leverage their economic positions and moral standing in a community. Indeed, hospitals and health care workers can be leading promoters of environmental health, by modeling environmentally sustainable, economically sound practices for the broader society and global community.

A green and sustainability hospital is one that promotes public health by continuously reducing its environmental impact and ultimately eliminating its contribution to the burden of disease. A green and sustainable hospital recognizes the connection between human health and the environment and demonstrates that understanding through its governance, strategy and operations. It connects local needs with environmental action and practices primary prevention by actively engaging in efforts to foster community environmental health, health equity and a green economy

Green Rooftop

We support healthcare
facilities for


The GREEN and CLEAN hospitals program that facilities to address their energy use, chemical consumption, food use, waste production and more.


Environmental performance rating system to health facilities.


Training hospital members  to decrease their environmental footprint.


Advocacy to build sustainability departments in hospitals to promote “green hospitals” around the world


Implementing technologies to monitor and control hospital facilities
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