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Image by Mehmet Turgut Kirkgoz
Smart Digital Hospital

Building Digital Hospitals For Better Medical Care

Digital Hospital can contribute in  enhancing personnel productivity, facilitating hospital operations, improving the process quality and ensuring patient safety by integrating cutting-edge technologies such as medical devices, smart information systems, facility controls systems, location-based services, sensors and digital communication tools into health processes.
At Inderdev we ensure and create platform for Digital Hospital health care services within reach of every department at the Hospital settings utilising the latest Health care technologies and cutting edge digital solutions.

Our Approach:

We Coordinate with Information Technology department to set up an Exclusive space for Digital Hospital incorporating within various departments of the Hospital to develop optimum use of information technologies for delivery of healthcare services.

The Digital Hospital Command Center

The Digital Hospital Command Center with be the point of Entire delivery of Digital Health care services within the Hospital Settings. The Command centre operations is driven by world class Digital Health standards with the Director of Digital Medical Services of the Hospital 

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