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Intelligent Training & Education Programs
For Healthcare

Making Intelligent Medical Education Systems

Innovative use of technology in medical education to enhance teaching and learning.
Medical education across the world has experienced a major disruptive change as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic and technology has been rapidly and innovatively used to maintain teaching and learning. 
At Interdev Health we use the emergent technology for education, such as artificial intelligence for adaptive learning and virtual reality, are highly likely to be essential components of the transformative change and the future of medical education. The benefits and challenges of the use of technology in medical education can have a positive impact on both educators and students across the world

Key features of Our Online learning platform

Self-paced learning

Log in when it’s comfortable for you. Easily go back to previous lectures, steps, or lessons to clarify anything you missed.

Control over studies

Online students learn at the speed comfortable for them, and, according to industry experts one can assimilate five times more information in online courses than in traditional courses.


With Health care eLearning, you can easily combine work and studies and not be limited to a classroom, city, or even your country.


According to Brandon Hall, eLearning typically requires 40-60% less time investment from a student than learning in a traditional classroom.

High retention rates

Keeping a student engaged throughout a course is always a problem. However, according to the Research Institute of America, eLearning has actually led to increased student retention rates by 25 to 60%, compared to retention rates of 8 to 10% with traditional learning.

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