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Advising for National Digital Healthcare Policies

Public Policy and Advocacy Centre for Digital Health

Interdev Health Digital Public Policy and Advocacy Centre helps the government improve the health policies and regulations for the transformation of health and wellness. We provide decision-makers at Country levels with educational materials and public policy recommendations on the value of health information and technology.
The Interdev Health Technology Government Relations team works closely with policymakers and policy advocates to address digital health issues. 
Our key issues focus on interoperability, cyber security and data stewardship, connected health care and, value-based health care. We educate decision-makers at all levels of government and make public policy recommendations on the use of information and technology to transform health.

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Advise and Propose government officials on the direction forward for health IT based on staff expertise


Create valuable, sustaining relationships with government officials for Impact Driven Digital Health reforms


Responding to inquiries on Digital Health legislation and regulations

Government Relations Team

Interdev Government relations  team work with your Goverment counterpart  to:


Provide technical assistance for Digital Health advocacy in your state or Country
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