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Interdev Health:
Making medical care more smart & intelligent

At Interdev health we innovate to provide technology products and solutions which helps care teams to provide better healthcare services to every individual. We use the power of technology with AI, Blockchain, Deep learning, IOT and Data Analytics to reinvent the healthcare ecosystem. Interdevhealth was formed when
a group of IT professionals teamed up with a team of medical professionals and decided to bring in innovation to the healthcare industry. We are committed to provide technologies that focus on delivering the right care, to the right patient, at the right time, to the right place and at the right price.

Core Smart Domain Services




Hospital 4.0

HOSPITAL 4.0 is an Smart Hospital application development platform that gives you and your team access to Identify and define the requirements of the operation, and selecting the technologies that best meet those needs.


Smart Sustainability Technologies

The patient-centered approach now goes beyond doctor patient interaction to include the healthcare facilities crucial to treatment and recovery. From accessible digital records and 24/7 patient monitoring to visual engagement and wireless connectivity throughout a facility, the technologies that improve patient care and the patient experience are essential to operating a modern healthcare facility.


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Intelligent Training & Education Programs
For Healthcare

Continuous Medical Training trends are impacted by new Digital Health opportunities. Interactive contents can be generated with new training tools. Experience of medical professionals and staffs can be consolidated to a common platform and can act as a Global training factory. The content can be short, impactful formats that are accessible anywhere, anytime to support the development of healthcare professionals.


Smart Applications

Driving digital transformation in healthcare requires connectivity across an ever-increasing number of applications, data and devices. Our advanced technology solutions including options for AI, blockchain, and data and analytics, and our reputation for trust and security enables Interdev health to support our clients' digital transformations


Building Digital

Digital Hospital can contribute in  enhancing personnel productivity, facilitating hospital operations, improving the process quality and ensuring patient safety by integrating cutting-edge technologies such as medical devices, smart information systems, facility controls systems, location-based services, sensors and digital communication tools into health processes.


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Channelising Healthcare E-Commerce

Interdev health increasingly work with Hospitals & healthcare companies going digital to grab the benefits of an expanded revenue and service area within Hospitals, a possibility to deliver necessary treatment to home-bound patients, a direct-to-consumer sales channel, higher engagement of people who search for health-related information online. 


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Advising for National Digital
Healthcare Policies

Interdev Health Digital Public Policy and Advocacy Centre helps the government improve the health policies and regulations for the transformation of health and wellness. We provide decision-makers at Country levels with educational materials and public policy recommendations on the value of health information and technology.


Implementing Country wide
Telemed Systems

Interdev health has developed strategies to fight  various barriers to the development of telemedicine in developing countries. Proper Analaysis and detailing of these barriers will definitely help governments to understand the loopholes and bottlenecks in the implementation of telemedicine and help them to develop appropriate solution.



HEARTBEAT, a fully featured web-based Hospital Information Management System allows hospitals to operate in an undisturbed and effective manner thus attaining streamlined operations and optimum customer satisfaction.

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Smart Sustainability Technologies

The overarching goal of a healthcare facility remains the same. Facility operators seek to provide an ideal environment that promotes the best possible care for patients. They need to do so efficiently in order to control costs and improve the speed of delivery.

Security Management

We've defined a six layered physical security approach that provides you with the ability to deter, detect, delay, defend and deny at every layer of your healthcare facility. This approach reduces the risk of a breach and increases your peace of mind

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Network Performance

A high-performance network system plays an essential role in operating a modern healthcare facility. Without it, you cannot achieve the best practices of versatile physical layer connectivity, which is required to support multiple applications, cope with increased bandwidth and eliminate network downtime.

Energy Optimisation.

Energy optimization focuses on measurement and verification to ensure that the system performance is matched to demand. It involves tuning the existing system for performance. This eliminate energy waste and extend the life of the equipment. Optimization involves a systematic process of Information collection ,Real-time performance data acquisition, Data Analysis and smart implementation.

Communication Efficiency

Communication is the driving force behind patient care. Improving responsiveness, providing seamless wireless availability, and reducing noise pollution require targeted healthcare engagement, where new technologies can simplify the flow of information between healthcare staff, patients and administrators.

IoMT Enablement

Enabling the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) in your healthcare facility allows you to analyze your environment, and make real-time adjustments to improve efficiency and productivity. The five senses of an intelligent hospital address the challenges of open-architecture design, supplier integration and migrating to an IP platform


Building Digital Skills

Evolving & Augmenting Healthcare Technology

We facilitate the development of health care

by assuring the safety and quality of

medical technologies


Tele Health


Artificial Intelligence

IT Infrastructure

Remote Monitoring


Electronic Medical


Big Data & Analytics

Health IT Communication

Helping providers improve the bottom line while delivering high-quality care.

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We bring the latest technology here; we also generate it ourselves. We attract the very best doctors, hospitals and clinics; we also develop them from within. We provide the newest products; we also invent and improve upon them. Any product that is available.

We are trusted by

Dubai London Clinic

“Interdev Health has shown the ability to be responsible for the tasks set, promptly resolve emerging issues, and cope with work of any scope and complexity.”

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Emirates Red Crescent

“Interdev Health has shown the ability to be responsible for the tasks set, promptly resolve emerging issues, and cope with work of any scope and complexity.”

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Royal Hospital

“Interdev Health has shown the ability to be responsible for the tasks set, promptly resolve emerging issues, and cope with work of any scope and complexity.”

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